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Blocksize Funds

The infrastructure we developed in the recent years in combination with our flexible investment fund vehicle in Luxembourg allowing us to set up fully regulated investment funds with an EU passporting fairly quick.

A vast majority of all European investment funds is located in Luxembourg for a certain reason it’s most scalable and flexible approach. This doesn’t change in the realm of crypto assets. Therefore we decided to establish very simple way for investments in crypto assets.

What distinguishes blocksize funds from other hundreds of crypto investment funds?

Indeed the area of plain vanilla crypto investment funds grew in a quick manner during the last month and instead of the most of them we are not focusing on long-only investments strategies. Our focus is related to quantitative strategies and selection in the area of private equity.

That makes us the first fully regulated hedge fund based on crypto assets in Europe. To Blocksize funds belong several dedicated in investment funds in Luxembourgs SICAV umbrella fund.

Blocksize Funds

Arbitrage fund

Arbitrage fund based on inter- exchange
spot price arbitrage for multiple asset-
and exchange- pairs.

Quantitative Fund

Exclusive quantitative funds
focused on DLT- and Blockchain-
based assets.

Asset servicing

Setup of individual investment
vehicles for Digital Assets under
European law.

Blocksize Capital simplifies the whole management of Digital Assets, so that financial institutions can access this new market without worrying about it.

Arbitrage fund

The first fund we have established is an arbitrage fund based on inter-exchange spot price arbitrage for hundreds of crypto assets. It’s no secret that there is still a lot of market inefficiency especially when it comes to crypto currency‘s. Besides that the markets are fragmented so you are confronted with over 200s of different crypto exchanges.

Our latency-minimized infrastructure with direct connections to the largest Internet hubs worldwide allows us to provide the market with liquidity and leveling out price differences between different exchanges.

Quantitative fund

This second investment fund we have established is utilizing long-term stable hedge fund strategies. By bringing in our data science technology stack and experienced quants we are able to not only establish the quantitative funds but also seeing an unique advantage by combining all available data sources within crypto assets.

As you may can imagine the data structures, fundamental data and of course the trading dynamics including intraday liquidity pattern differs a lot from traditional capital markets. Therefore we established how are quantitative strategies based on the end battle tested infrastructure called blocksize core which is developed and incrementally enhanced since 2016. Our sole focus is on the Quality of data and trade execution.

Part of the infrastructure is a data science technology stack which includes data analytics, data visualization and forecasting methods based on machine learning algorithms for clustering and prediction. Some of the brightest minds in the realm of data science and machine learning joined our journey towards establishing the most advanced hedge fund strategies in the area of crypto assets. Together with our experienced crypto infrastructure developers we are able to establish simple momentum strategies as well as more complex mean reversion models up to advanced research within deep learning. From the quantitative side we utilize common and battle-proven strategies like statistical arbitrage for our long short funds. Especially in volatile times of Bitcoin, Ether and co. it is critical to invest in models that can gain also in weak and decreasing markets.

For more detailed info regarding our strategies please contact us.

Asset servicing

Open Fund Vehicle

During the last couple of years we’ve seen a lot endeavors and quite some struggle of many our peers to establish a fully-fledged and of course fully-regulated investment fund structure in Europe. Therefore we offer an unique
sub-fund in our umbrella investment vehicle which is a SICAV in Luxembourg
to other crypto related investment opportunities. Our long-term strategic target is developing the crypto assets market infrastructure on the one hand side
and on the other hand side we looking to provide an umbrella fund with several different electronic trading and private equity strategies. Which would also open the opportunity to create and maintain own strategies and own ideas within an effective and well known investment vehicle in the European Union. We are open for equity related forms of regulated capital acquisitions for instance private equity or security token offerings in primary markets. If you’re looking for an asset servicing partner in the space of crypto assets, you can call or contact us here.

Typical advantages in Luxembourg

The financial center of Luxembourg is today Europe’s leading center for investment funds and ranks second worldwide after the USA. Luxembourg owes this position to its modern legal and regulatory framework, which offers both
a high level of investor protection and unsurpassed flexibility in the creation of funds. This flexibility makes it possible to create products tailored to a particular market or customer type. Many highly specialized service providers allow fund initiators to outsource non-core activities and generate significant economies of scale. With its specialization in the administration and cross-border distribution of investment funds, Luxembourg is today the first choice for fund companies as a platform for the worldwide distribution of their products.

Disclaimer: Oh investment funds are dedicated to professional and experienced investors only. The information given here may change during the course and should be confirmed.

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