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Blocksize Capital has been established by industry leading experts and the genuine believe that Distributed Ledger Technology will drastically transform existing capital markets. As one the world’s leading companies with sole focus on Digital Assets, we are dedicated to guiding our clients to success when building sustainable business models based on Distributed Ledger Technology.

Our team of experienced experts will ensure that you are taking the right steps when developing a comprehensive transformation strategy and also implementing the required flagship infrastructure for Digital Assets within your organization. By sharing our knowledge and years of experience with development of Distributed Ledger Technology and infrastructure for capital markets, best-practice implementation processes, enterprise architecture and Thought Leadership, we will help you to bring your ideas to life and guide your project to sustainable success.


Digital Assets – The next financial revolution

The evolvement within this very young industry is still in its infancy and as a standard-setting participant we are actively shaping the industry together with and for our customers. The rise of the digital asset industry, based on a Distributed Ledger, started with the emergence of the crypto currency Bitcoin about 10 years ago. Later, other emerging crypto assets such as Ethereum shared the vision of on-chain business processes. Those on-chain processes based on a Distributed Ledger with Smart Contract functionality led to the enablement of a business logic that allows, for instance, the tokenization of any type of physical or digital asset. This means that all assets, financial instruments, products or services, can be transferred into accounting units, called digital tokens, that represent the users’ balance in the digital accounting system. The assets can be divided into one or plenty of token. After the process, the token, which represent the original asset or at least a fraction of it, are tradable assets. They can be sold on the primary market and traded on the secondary market.

In the aftermath of the tokenization and initial trade, any kind of transaction is recorded on the blockchain, a coherent list of data entries that cannot be adjusted or deleted, and thus it documents the token ownership. In addition, the blockchain is continuously updated and synchronized.

With Distributed Ledger Technology as underlying infrastructure for assets and securities existing processes and infrastructure within Capital Markets are drastically challenged. Blocksize Capital ensures you are prepared for the next financial revolution.

Together we develop outstanding and great performing products, support the capital market to develop frictionless investment opportunities for a broad base of investors, with far lower costs compared to the current level, that are transparent and lead to a more efficient market place.

The next generation of Assets will not only be digitally available, but also tokenized. Our trading infrastructure is specifically designed for digital assets such as security tokens on a customary basis to provide our clients with the best and most convenient experience.

Blocksize Capital structured delivery approach
for successful project implementation

Dependent on your individual project approach Blocksize Capital can support your project selectively within specific project phases or take over the lead in a project. An important part in our project methodology is the education and transition of knowledge to our partner and customer and hence enabling businesses to independently run future phases regardless of whether you use our solutions or those from another vendor.


Implementation phases

1. Strategy Phase

Together with our clients we identify and define the key value drivers for a successful Digital Asset strategy. As part of this phase we evaluate all relevant dimensions (e.g. regulatory, financial, business, technical, legal, competition) and derive a detailed implementation roadmap leading to sustainable success.

2. Proof of Concept

After deciding the project’s strategy a detailed feasibility study is performed. During that phase the technical and business requirements are discussed. The outcome is a clear understanding and alignment about the exact scope, project budget and implementation time reflecting the overall strategy.

3. Implementation Phase

This is the project’s actual kick off phase, which means that the stakeholders’ expectations are aligned, and all agree on the strategy. The software is implemented within the designated business units and we will work together with our customers to check the status and scope of achievement of the strategy to make sure we reach the intended solutions. The goal is to implement a flagship solution and deliver a successful project.

4. Testing Phase

This phase already starts during the implementation phase and should ensure a high-quality go-live process, as well as a smooth operation of the software. The operation is continuously monitored, and any potential bugs are eliminated immediately to prepare the system as good as possible for the project delivery.

5. Go-Live and Project Delivery

After the successful implementation as well as testing of the software under real-live conditions the go-live process starts, the software is connected with the customers API, if already in place, and the software is enabled to be used in the actual business environment. We still monitor the software’s operation in cooperation with the client during the go-live process and after it. We ensure the highest quality regarding stability, performance, and compliance to ensure the best experience for our customers with our product.

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