Proof of Sustainability on Blockchain / DLT

Currently, it is not possible to measure the carbon footprint in agricultural production chains. Our blockchain-based Sustainability KPI™ is bringing immutable transparency
into production’s supply chains.

The productive industries around the world are being called to make a switch in their production-chains, processes and business structures aiming to achieve a sustainable future. Under the pressing times, we live in, there is a need for innovative ideas to overcome the challenges arising. Accordingly, the market demand for these solutions is increasing thanks to the consciousness of the global consumers.

New generations highly value the offer of innovative alternatives that ensure sustainability. Adapting and evolving is crucial to have a leadership position in the near future, sustained by the technological empowerment of new environmental-sound alternatives.

Now, thanks to new emerging technologies, the transitions to more efficient processes can be done faster and in a more-than-ever secure manner.


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